Lifestyler: ​I provide tailor made programs that are specific for you to create what you truly desire! 

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"​Meet the Real YOU"

"The Feeling it for Real" program is a 90-Day Program for Professional Women who want to create a LIFE of Happiness, Health and Well Being!


Hey guys, its Mary from "The Feeling it For Real" Are you tired of living little? Do you wake up at night wondering what is this all about? Why am I here? Have you felt depressed about what's happening in your life? If you have asked yourself any of these, then you are right on your first step of a new journey. I have asked myself these and many more and have broken through to clarity. If you don't know how to take the next step into clarity then, you will never know what it feels like to be truly free from the mind traps we create that keep us stuck on the wheel of impossibilities, negativity, doubt and old decrepit belief systems. Without a clear list of desires, dreams and new belief systems you will never break into your definitive Life Purpose and create your dreams. Your life will keep waking you up at night begging for you to listen. The name of the game is Creating Your True Desires and that happens when you Truly Know What you Desire by your Awareness of Being.

Can you imagine sleeping through the night, feeling totally in tune with life and experiencing what true peace of mind really feels like?

I have been helping spiritual women over the years find out Who They Truly Are and totally imagine and create their True Desired State of Being with my 'Feeling it For Real' blueprint.

It's Transformed my life from a Death Sentence to a Life Sentence of living on purpose and making a difference by living by passion.

So if you are done wasting time and not living life on purpose, then click here to book a call


“You change you future best when you are in control of yo​ur thoughts while in the state akin to sleep.” Neville Goddard

Your life will​ change in amazing ways when you have: Imagination x Desired States of Being = ​Manifesting all Your Desires.