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I had a vision in mind to start another business, but could not because of 3 issues; space, disorganization and time.  I hired Mary to turn the Chaos into Clarity!

I struggle with creating chaos, as this environment had been comfortable for me, disorganization and not seeing the big picture. As a result of her services, I have now implemented my new business plan, have a single minded focus and can see a new future clearly.

Through organization, timeliness and perseverance I was able to focus on a new business idea and implement it. I can't thank her enough.

Kerry H.


Before hiring Mary I could not get organized, no foresight into making the move up North, and make the time to move forward in my life, even though I knew what I wanted to do. It was almost time for me to relocate out of this State into my dream home.  Since, I hired Mary, I was able to see and take action, with her help, to get my affairs in order by organizing, giving me the insight and the wherewithal and empowering me to step outside my comfort zone. As a result, I sold my home, purchased my dream home out of state and made the next step in my journey of life which was to retire.

Cathy Barb

"All Done Weighting"

This is a personal journey with Mary. Before working with her I had struggled with getting things done as I had some depression issues, couldn't get out of my own way, and felt alone most times. Right from the start, I knew we were a good fit, as she knew intuitively what needed to be done and in what order. We started with one basic project and worked together to complete and it got done and then to another and another. This helped me to see myself better and better by providing we with support, guidance and the Big Picture. I still struggle sometimes with some issues but as a result of her program I am able to go within myself and get the clarity I need to Rise Up!

Steve Helm

Yert  Life


Hello my name is Alice S. and I had worked with Mary in a MLM company and got to know her. 

I had 3 struggles that I needed help with and hired her as a business and personal coach as these are her areas of expertise. My issues were not having any clarity in where I wanted to go as a Massage

Therapist and  I was working in a building that was kind of hidden from the public eye and wasn't really creating an atmosphere that should be conducive to having a great vibe, if you will, and I seemed to lack some self confidence when it came to marketing myself and really believing in my gifts.

We had some deep conversations and she came up with some strategies for me to move forward in my business. I ended up clearing up the energy in my work environment and creating more space for me to really express myself by organizing and decluttering and bringing into my business things that really mattered to me. This decluttering and etc freed up more mental and physical space in order for me to get clearer on where I wanted my business to go which ultimately led me to start my business somewhere else as this particular building no longer suited my needs. Its amazing what a little cleaning and organizing can do for your mental clarity as well. From this work I was able to gain so much clarity in pursuing a better place for me and my practice. This new space I was able to create brought in many more new clients and so many new experiences as I created a happier new life for myself as my finances increased and I was able to explore many many more opportunities toward my pursuit of happiness. It opened the doors in my mind to take more and more steps into my lifelong dream of working with women in a sacred place in the woods. Mary has a knack for really listening to you whether it's in person or a breakthrough call. She can see through to what's really going on by lots of questions and then coming up with a plan of action in order to take the next step toward your dream life. The ultimate goal is to just be and get clear on what's really going on in your life whether its personal or business and then taking the steps to get it done which results in such incredible happiness and the freedom to be whoever the hell you want to be. Her program worked for me and I am so grateful to her and for the answers I was able to find that were within me as a result of her intuitive spirit and asking and feeling around with just the right amount of questions so I now keep shining on and on.

I hired Mary originally to take care of my kitties in my home, while I was away.  She gained my total confidence and comfort as we had an issue with our cats eating each others food. This became an issue as whenever we went away one cat got most of the food as each one had different temperaments. She came up with a plan and took it into her own hands to try it out and it worked.  She is a problem solver and always comes up with a plan of action for any situation whether it's with my home  or pet care. We are all glad to have her in our life's to we can go away and have no worries about our home or pets.

Jean Pawlich - 2017

Before we hired Mary, we struggled with unhappy Customers,  excessive equipment downtime and disorganization and she helped us gain access to customer information, accurate equipment information and keeping us up to date with new product information. As a result all our customer and equipment information is easily accessible for all our employees and bottom line, our Customers are Happy because the downtime has been drastically reduced. Mary has the foresight to see the whole picture, creates a plan of action and gets it done efficiently and effectively.  We were very happy with her services and working with her. 

TomTec, Inc

I am embarrassed to say but we were having lots of issues with our HVAC equipment failures as a result of improper maintenance procedures which caused a lot of unhappy clients and personnel, as well.  This was due to some extent, no access to accurate information of our equipment, such as routine maintenance programs or equipment upgrades and repairs.  She was able to look at the situation from a different perspective, create a plan of action and then implemented it into each piece of equipment which  now all maintenance can utilize systematically so now, our Customers are Happy because the downtime has been drastically reduced and of course our own personnel are happy because we have heating and cooling when we need it. It sure was great having her here to create a systematic approach to our struggles and is a great problem solver.

Carrier, PTL

Mindset Mentor Saved my Ass!

I loved working with Mary for mindset work as I was having so much trouble with depression, anxiety and my stress levels were through the roof. These issues were causing stomach pains that never went away,  a lot of strife in the home-front and irritability all the time with everything in my life. I hated everything and it was so hard getting out of bed. My children were missing the Mom that I used to be and added more stress. I did some own searches of my own and could not get any results and no one in my family offered any support so I felt all alone most of the time. I found Mary and we started working together and it was a slow start because I had so many mindset issues that we spent most of the 90 Day Program revising and modifying these old inner blocks.  It was shortly after we cleared the mindsets that I saw such incredible changes in my attitude and feelings and of course, my reactions to things that used to pull me back into those crazy depressions, now were not affecting me at all. The leaps and bounds of breakthroughs kept on compounding and compounding until my new outlook on life and how I was living was so deeply changed in that, I could not remember the last time that I had one of those deep and dark days and nights of the soul. The most monumental change was I got my life back and created my dream life of being free to explore myself and love myself more than I ever thought was possible. Mary is truly the greatest at getting to the root of the problem and creating a specific program for those areas that need to be addressed. She can see through the bullshit and tell it the way it is in a most loving manner. I now have the career I had only dreamed of, my self back and my wonderful relationship with my kids is inspiring for all of them and me as well. I call her a Great Mama Bear that has your back so if you want transformation and are willing to do the work you will be in the best hands possible in the Breakthrough to Self Love Program.

Mentored back to Life, Cindy Vasario 

What my Clients are Saying...

Mary has given us some much more than our hope back as she always gives from the heart & it radiates out into the world helping and inspiring so many women to believe they can really love themselves & their life's, but most importantly to come out of darkness & into the light of their Highest True Self

Stevie von Hiltz- Hills Sisters, LLC